Star Fighter Command and Control

Feasibility Study Research Group

In 1986 Star Fighter Command and Control Feasibility Study (SFCCF) Research Group began its mission to study what it would take to create, train, build, staff, and supply an offensive capable space-based military unit and then develop a working prototype unit that would  be used to develop future technologies and weapons.

Over the years we have studied and designed multiple systems and equipment for the distant future where war in space and on distant planets may be a very real possibility. In looking toward the future we also looked at systems and equipment proposed in the past in order to develop various weapons that could be useful today.

In 2018, our dwindling source of funding dried up forcing us to reevaluate our overall purpose as a research institute.

At the close of 2018 and the beginning of 2019 our board of directors demand a change of direction. Aside from our desire to create a functional space force, we were also forced to admit that the planet itself needed protection from humanity. Not all humanity, but rather the greedy, inhumane, power hungry parts of humanity out to destroy the planet for profit.

In 2019 we reorganized as Starfighter Command Corps, Defenders of Earth; a foundation dedicated to the defense of the planet and a sustainable future. We retained a few of our mobile platforms and repurposed them for office space and demonstration models in sustainable living anywhere on the planet.

That is where we are today, in the process for converting a mobile assault unit with urban camouflage into a completely self-contained living and working vehicle with a fully functioning medical bay. Multiple standalone computer systems with its own cloud system. The backup system is designed to be a completely self-contained computer system designed for third world countries. A demonstration of what is possible with limited or no Internet connection.

It is all a story to entertain, a living character with a real purpose. A literary adventure meant to be explored; a way to bring hope to a world filled with suffering.

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Starfighter Command Corps

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