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We start by stripping off the exterior paint and re-priming the outer skin and cleaning up the inside. Damage to the interior was not as bad as originally estimated once you removed the layer of dust that had accumulated over time.

Camouflage paint was reapplied to the outside and multiple layers of some very high tech ceramic and aluminum based paint was applied to the interior walls and ceiling to the help reduce the vehicle and passengers’ heat signature as seen from above, and to help retain heat in cold weather conditions. This further reduces the heat signature by not needing to run a heater continuously.  

All our mobile units used a duel computer system. The new backup system for this unit is designed to be completely disconnected from the Internet. We are hoping to add at least 500 watts of solar panels and an atmospheric water condenser for a continuous supply of fresh water anywhere our mobile units go, if we can get the system to work.

We only lack funding to continue to work on this mobile unit.

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The image above is our mobile unit  parked against the night sky. Its camouflage blends nicely into the background scenery.

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