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Secrets In The Arizona Desert

Prescott, AZ - In the middle of the Arizona high desert a number of tourists have reported seeing an armed military vehicle more than 30 feet long camouflaged for the local environment. While not exactly hiding, a vehicle owned by a government research group is parked in the Arizona desert armed with what looks like twin .50 caliber machine guns.

The officers with the vehicle were reluctant to answer questions. Dressed in what looked like a new kind of camouflage uniform Major Stryker frowned as he answered our question as briefly as possible. The other officer refused to even speak to us, although he seemed amused by his commanding officer’s discomfort during our interview.

The vehicle was an old converted recreation vehicle used as a research vehicle by the Star Fighter Command and Control Feasibility Study Research Group, part of what was once called the Strategic Defense Initiative, often referred to as the Star Wars program under Ronald Reagan. Thirty-three feet long, shorter and more aerodynamic than even the most modern recreation vehicle on the market today. It was hard to believe the vehicle frame and body are nearly 2 decades old.

At first glance the guns look like standard .50 caliber machine guns. Look closer and you see cooling fins where there should be cooling holes. The ammo boxes open in the wrong direction. Pointing these anomalies out you get Major Stryker’s favorite answer, “That’s classified.”

They do research and testing on various communication systems.  Like the one here, there are 17 other command vehicles in different parts of the country. That was all the additional information the major would divulge falling back on, “That’s classified,” like some old broken record.

I don’t know what kind of secrets the crew of Mobile Command Unit 3 is trying to keep, but they seem to be waiting for something. New orders from Starfighter Command, an alien invasion, or they are really just testing a nation wide communication system. Whatever it is they remain parked at the junction of I-17 and state highway 69 for reasons that is classified.

For Entertainment Purposes Only. Copyright R. B. Chandler 2014

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