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We had a small fleet of vehicles made up of old converted RVs to test various command and control systems. These mobile command units were distributed throughout the country and generally only move about at night to avoid attracting attention.

The image you see here is a 1982 REVCON, the Cadillac of RVs, years ahead of its time. We acquired this mobile unit for the salvage price of $500 several years ago. Despite its 33 ft. size, this RV has a very low profile.  It can easily reach speeds above a 100 miles per hour on asphalt and is very stable, even in high winds.

The type of recreation vehicles we use were selected based on the aerodynamics, low center of gravity, speed and handling, and the overall profile of the vehicle. REVCONs make an ideal mobile platform for testing various ideas and equipment under simulated conditions.

Because of the REVCON’s speed, varying response time for a given war game scenario could be measured. Being able to move a tactical team and a 33 ft. vehicle a 100 miles in under an hour has a tactical value. At full speed one of our mobile units could drive across America in just under 1.5 days.

Custom box channel frame makes it much more rigid than C-channel designs. Lightweight aluminum monocoque body further improves handling and fuel economy. Tandem rear axles reduces rear overhang, so the bumper/trailer hitch won't drag. Aircraft aluminum is used for the exterior skin, frame and interior skin. Front and rear end caps are fiberglass. 2" high-density fiberglass insulation makes walls lighter, easy to clean, and nearly impervious to moisture

We are having to rebuild one of our mobile units after a small fire damaged the front seating area and the kitchen/dining area (mostly smoke damage), so we are able to show you some of the process that’s going into the renovation of this mobile unit. Click Here to see the progress on the repairs, renovation, and update on its progress.

Because of the salvage operation this mobile unit was spared when we shed most of our other mobile units to reduce maintenance costs on equipment we are not using. We also shifted most of our administration operations to this unit’s location as well.

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