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We repaint this mobile unit to test a study that found that a more traditional camouflage style attracted more unwanted attention from law enforcement than a more artistic approach. This came out of one of our annalists noticing an uptick in traffic stops during the day when compared to stops at night.

Already we have seen that the 50 cal. guns are less noticeable as the casual observer’s attention is naturally drawn to the mural. The title for this mural is The Last Elephant. We also have an exclusive poster (below) courtesy of of United Earth for Peace that goes with it as part of our new commitment to defend all life on the planet.

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New handcrafted armrests with a new gun targeting control and seating area with a swivel computer desk with a duel monitor stand. Kitchen counter (not shown) cabinet needs to be completely replaced.

We also installed a custom made mattress, ran video cabling  for the aft and port side driver’s rear view cameras, and replaced the old septic tank(s) system valves with new ones.

List of parts we need or have needed and their current status:

Duel computer systems - $2,000

Security System & Backup Cameras - Ready to Install

500+ watt Solar Panels - $615 to $865

200+ watt Wind Turbine - $1,800+

Charge controller & Inverter & other parts - $620

New Heaters - $5,000

Refrigerator - $1,600

Atmospheric Water Condenser - $5,000

Water Purifier - $2,000

New ATF Radiator - $500

Air Compressor - $600

New rear Air Vent - $250

Bed - Installed

Fuel Selector Valve - Installed

Fuel Assist Pump - Installed

You can purchase this poster simply by clicking on the poster.

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