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Years ago, our research began with the most basic element in any fighting unit, the soldier. We developed or tested camouflage systems under actual battlefield conditions. Today, we are still looking at the individual and what their needs are in order to live a simple dignified life on this planet or any planet for that matter.

Today, our research is in a new direction. The climate of the world is changing. Whether it is human caused or just a natural cycle of nature is a moot argument; the climate of the world is changing. We must begin preparing for that change now. We cannot wait until the last minute.

Five hundred thousand people are homeless on any given night in the United States of America. Around the world, it is estimated that 150 million people are homeless. Habitat for Humanity estimated in 2015 that 1.6 billion people around the world live in "inadequate shelter". The most pressing need for humanity is just getting people into adequate housing. Just this one simple step can change their lives.

A lot of things are part of what “adequate shelter” means. Clean drinking water and proper sewage/sanitation is part of that. An independent power system or a source of sustainable power completes the individual habitat. However, individual shelters spread across the landscape is not a responsible, sustainable way to live on the planet. We must learn to come together as communities to conserve the limited resources the Earth has to offer.

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Starfighter Command Corps

Beyond just putting a roof overhead, the United Nations has identified a list of sustainable developmental goals for the planet that would benefit all life on the planet. However, we are focused on basic human needs and how that alone could impact and change humanity for the better.

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