Star Fighter Command and Control

Feasibility Study Research Group

Starfighter Command Corps was born out of the 1984 the Strategic Defense Initiative Organization (Star Wars) set up within the United States Department of Defense. Originally designated, Star Fighter Command and Control Feasibility Study Research Group (SFCCF). Our mission was to create a prototype space-based military unit. It was only intended to be a field study of what it would take to create, train, build, staff, and supply such a unit.

Even at its inception the program was considered to be unrealistic. Over time, the funding that once flowed out of the Star Wars Program stopped . In order to survive a new reality, we had to change. Now, the scope of our studies has been expanded to include the defense of this very fragile planet.

We no longer needed our 18 mobile testing platforms. Still, a couple were necessary and desirable as test platforms for sustaining all life on the planet.

Our few remaining mobile units are being converted to examples of simple sustainable living with a planet slowly being destroyed by greed.

The planet is being choked to death by our own garbage, and polluted by antiquated means of energy production. There is a better way and that is what we purpose to demonstrate with our mobile units.

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A New Direction

When we lost our Defense Contracts along with what was left of our non-existent funding, we lost everything. We lost more than our sense of purpose; we were forced to make hard choices in order to survive. We needed a new direction.

Our mission has always been about saving the planet. How we go about doing that is what we have changed. It is not enough to plan for being overrun by aliens; we must plan to save all of humanity, even from itself. Forced to reevaluate our purpose for our existence, we found our a new direction, and a new meaning of defenders of Earth.

Starfighter Command Corps

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