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We have replaced all the rubber gas lines to the gas tank along with the Fuel Selector Valve and a Solid State Fuel Pump. Before we put it back together we sanded, primed, painted everything.

New handcrafted armrests and seating area with a swivel computer desk with a duel monitor stand. Kitchen counter cabinet needs to be completely replaced.

We have cleaned up and cut the carpet and matting for the back bedroom but we have not installed it yet, waiting on the gas tanks to be rewired. There are access plates below the carpet we need to get to in order to make repairs.

We are still having problems with the engine starting consistently. The problem we suspect is the way the battery cable was connected to the starter. It is sandwiched between the exhaust manifold and the starter. This can cause a short if the rubber insulation melts and the wire comes in contact with the exhaust piping.

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Pictures from one of many war games that we have played over the years. Restoration and repairs continue.

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All the rubber hoses and lines were old and rotting as well as fire and rodent damaged. We are systemically replacing all rubber hoses, brake lines, gas lines, etc., and in the picture above we replaced all the wheel cylinders when one was found to be leaking.

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